Sunday, May 12, 2013

My Garden Birds Last Week

Well the weather was very mixed for my garden birds last week. Lovely sunshine at the beginning of the week was replaced by strong wind, rain and a drop in temperatures with some sunny spells at times.

Goldfinch picture
Only managed to catch this Goldfinch from a distance.
We have seen the Goldfinches again but it seems they are no longer collecting nesting material. They are up and down in the front and to the rear of our house and have been seen in the Pear tree. It seems like they are now after food but I have yet to see them on the feeder or the bird table, although I did catch sight of one drinking from the bird bath.

The Coal Tits appear as soon as I put out food. I have enjoyed watching these industrious little birds again collecting sunflower seeds then hiding them either in our garden or flying further afield to cache them for another day. Occasionally they will take a break to eat one by holding it against a branch with their feet while they use the beak to break open the seed to reach the soft heart inside.

Birds species observed in the garden:
Blackbird; male, female & Juvenile
Coal Tit
Collared Dove
House Sparrow

I have not seen any Blue Tits or Great Tits.


  1. Great photo. Saw a Goldfinch only from distance last week but usually see them more when the Lavender goes to seed.

  2. It is only this year that we have seen them regularly, they are nesting somewhere close by and obviously took a shine to our garden. Thanks for commenting and hope to share some more experiences of my garden birds soon.