Monday, April 29, 2013

My Garden Birds Last Week

Following three weeks of being bedridden and barely able to move, it has been so good to finally sit in an armchair in the lounge and look out at my Garden Birds.

There is so much activity, I would say that as far as the birds are concerned, Spring is in the air!

Wood Pigeons and Collared Doves are without doubt nesting in the tall Conifer tree that stands in the garden behind our next door neighbour. Oh and when I say tall, I mean Tall, in fact it is huge in every way. I may have mentioned before that I refer to it as "The High Rise" because it serves as accommodation for so many birds.

Many of the birds seem to be totally preoccupied with collecting nesting material which can be so amusing. Some of the Starlings are busy collecting the dried leaves that have fallen from the bamboo. They try to cram more and more into their beaks until they reach the point where that last leaf results in half of the others falling out and on and on they go.

Sue has fixed a hanging basket to the trellis in front of the kitchen window and this has definitely found favour with the local House Sparrows and some new regulars, Goldfinches. They are pulling out strands of the coconut matting liner they obviously fancy will make a fine building material for their nests.

We have seen Goldfinches in the garden previously, but only occasional observations which were few and far between. These birds of which we have seen up to four together are now coming many times each day.

Birds seen in the garden last week:
Collared Dove
House Sparrow

Birds seen from the garden:
Various Gulls
Carrion Crow

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