Monday, February 6, 2012

Brambling (Fringilla Montifringilla)

Yesterday we were greeted by a hefty covering of snow, we were also visited by a number of birds that I have never seen before, a species which is mostly a winter visitor, the Brambling.

Was it because of the snow that they could not find food in their regular haunt, I do not know, but now they have discovered our bird-food cafe, perhaps the Bramblings will return.

Of course it is possible that they have been here previously and we have failed to see them and when I come to think of it I guess we were lucky to see them yesterday. Mrs "P" just happened to look into the garden at the right time.

My dearly beloved had ventured outside early in the morning to put out plenty of food for the birds and ensure that the water bath was clear of ice for them. Later she was watching through the kitchen window as all the regulars were taking full advantage of the free offerings when she noticed that the Sparrows were not all Sparrows. She could see that amongst the throng of those regular visitors were a number of similar sized birds with a noticeable difference in plumage.

She called me into the kitchen to take a look and I initially identified them as Chaffinches. As I watched however I soon realised that they were not Chaffinches at all, although similar, the colouring was wrong. The Brambling then came to mind, although I have never seen them before in real life, I somehow just knew that these were Bramblings. We were able to confirm this identification within a few minutes with the aid of our bird books.

I will be looking out for them now to see if they do indeed appear again, this pretty little bird, the Brambling.