Monday, August 8, 2011

Young House Sparrow Update

House Sparrows
Do you remember the young House Sparrow I showed you that had the white wings and tail?- Unusual Young House Sparrow - Well although there have been many of the youngsters coming into the garden, I have to say that I have not seen that cute little fellow again.

New fledgling House Sparrows continue to appear on a regular basis, being brought along to our free "eat in or takeaway" bird diner. When the weather has been fine and the sun shining, they love to have dust baths in the scattering of sand that I have left on the stone patio at the end of the garden. They also take full advantage of bathing in the fresh clean water to be found each day in the regular bird bath.

I enjoy watching how sociable the House Sparrows seem to be. Adult males and females of the species will happily feed and play side by side although of course the occasional squabbles do occur. In contrast Blackbirds of either sex will not tolerate any other of their kind anywhere near the garden when they are here.