Saturday, January 31, 2009

Blackbird likes Mealworms

It was within 5 minutes of Mrs Pecker putting out some Mealworms, that the male Blackbird appeared. I must say he is a handsome chap, perfect deep black plumage, bright yellow beak and a physique that any male Blackbird would be proud of.

She was barely back inside the house when I saw him fly over the rear fence to land on a branch of the small apple tree. From here he flew to the handle of the spade, took a good look around then swooped down onto the patch of bare ground to the left of the patio. This is where a sprinkling of dried mealworms have been placed almost daily while the weather has been so cold and difficult for the birds. It is amazing how the Blackbirds seem to know the minute this food is put out.

He soon set to work pecking up these tasty protein rich morsels scratching and scattering the earth about as he did so. Having taken his fill, he flew onto the edge of the bird bath to wash his meal down with a few good beakfuls of water then flew off down the neighbouring gardens and into the leafless tree where he hopped from branch to branch, chirping merrily and wagging his tail. He appeared to be a very content Blackbird.

The Robin also appreciates these tasty Mealworm treats, although I think he prefers exploring the plant pots, another place where we leave a few.